All About MESH!

All About MESH!

For us it was simple: Create a package that is breathable, appealing, and unique.

Since Twin Lake Cranberry Company LLC first started packing fresh fruit, the goal has always been to provide a superior product. In order to achieve this, several important steps have been taken. From growing and harvesting to storing and packing, these steps assure the best possible product is leaving the docks. With this mindset the main product line and point of distinction for Twin Lake Cranberry was created; the Twin Lake Cranberry mesh package.

Starting only with an old onion bagger and hand­held pliers for clipping the ends, there was a new standard being created in the world of fresh cranberries. The since-retired onion bagger was merely the start of today’s modern packing system of which Twin Lake Cranberry remains the sole company offering this package option. Although the advantages to the Twin Lake Cran­berry mesh package are numerous, perhaps the two most prominent are the bags ability to provide longer lasting quality and a unique eye-catching display.


With fresh cranberries, moisture supports de­cay. Mesh, unlike the traditional poly bags or clam shells, allows moisture to escape quickly, allowing the fruit to stay fresh longer. The mesh packages breathe well, and, as a result, have sold to both refrigerated and non-refrigerated venues with exceptional results from both.

The display of the mesh packaging is nothing short of superior. Any moisture dries quickly with no evidence remaining on the package. The mesh looks attractive, enhances keeping quality, and is a tangible distinction from other packag­es, since the mesh forms to the consumers hand when they pick it up to examine the fruit.

Although the decision to use mesh is bold and untraditional, it is the best option to extend shelf-life.Twin Lake Cranberry Co., llc is a family owned company established in 1996 and locat­ed in Vesper, Wisconsin. Twin Lake Cranberry packages quality cranberries at competitive pric­es with excellent services and is supported by our excellent customer service. This is a result of our family and employees being committed to offer­ing the finest in cranberries to our customers. This is what makes Twin Lake Cranberry a leader in the fresh cranberry industry.